Tomb of Annihilation – Session #12

Lots of fighting tonight.

First the Party fought their way through the Gear of Rot.  Next they started opening the wardrobe doors in the Gear of Blood.  Toffee opened one and befriended a strange ball-man.  Latter some in the Party came to believe they needed to kill the friendly ball-man and he “accidentally” got caught in an are-of-effect spell.

The adamantine portcullis is opened.


Tomb of Annihilation – Session #11

The Party appears in the tomb of Shagambi.  Toffee realizes the terracotta warriors are activated by sound and pantomimes for the whole party to remain quite.  He then inexplicably throws some pottery against the wall causing all 48 warriors to animate and attack at once!  After numerous area-of-affect spells the warriors are defeated and Shagambi spirit inhabits Toffee.  The Party also recovers one of the strange skeleton skulls, this one has a Hexagon shape on the back.

They travel down the spiral staircase and find an underground lake.  The ceiling is covered in machinery.  Everyone refuses to enter the rusty iron cage that hangs from a crane over the murky waters.

In the dusty, slanted hall Toffee discovers a key-hole in the art on the wall.  Angus remembers he has a key and they open a small passage.  Climbing through they discover and then destroy the Stone Juggernaut with Acererak’s scepter and recover the Eye of Zaltec.  Toffee also kills another skeleton and recovers its skull with an Octagon shape on the back.

Next they enter the giant Cogs and the control room.  Angus keeps pulling the gold lever, covering the party in angry hate slime.


Tomb of Annihilation – Session #10

After defeating the army of Minotaur Skeletons, the Party sends Angus the barbarian into the strange maze carved on the wall.  Angus waders aimlessly for an hour before discovering a Blue Key.  He uses it to open Unkh’s sarcophagus and in doing gains a boon from Acererak himself: The Charm of the Crystal Heart.  Ravenscar is inhabited by the spirit of Unkh.

While fulling around with a Grandfather Clock, Scratch, Toffee & Ravenscar all age 10 years but Angus is untouched.  Toffee recovers the fabled Navel of the Moon.

Next Toffee sees his own reflection and gets trapped in a strange mirror.  The Party leaves Toffee to his fate and goes back to the Throne Room.  Where they discover the Crypt of the Sun Queen and recover the twin of Acererak’s Scepter that Toffee had found earlier (and was trapped in the mirror).

Remembering they found some strange words in a spellbook.  They go back to the mirror and release Toffee.  Along with a few other people: Lukanu, Zaal & Biff Longesteel.

In the Maze of Death they recover the Black Opal Crown and are once again saved by the Immovable Rod.

In a simple hallway Toffee finds a secret door that leads the Elemental Cells.  The Party becomes split and each character faces gruesome death but all manage to survive.

Tomb of Annihilation – Session #9

After resting in the workshop they found, the Party discovers the office of an undead named Withers.  Withers escapes but it appears he oversees maintenance in the Tomb.

The Party spends a long time skulking around in the maintenance area, peeking out the secret doors on each floor.  In the Throne Room they sneak out and steal Acererak’s Scepter.  Naghini tries to Dimension Door and ends up in a forsaken Oubliette but manages to escape.

Next the Party discovers what Scratch suspects may be Unkh’s Tomb.  Toffee opens a secret door and they are attacked by a mob of animated minotaur skeletons.

Tomb of Annihilation – Session #7

With the recovery of all 9 cubes the Party decides to finally enter the Tomb of Annihilation.

Ravenscar is disintegrated in the onyx chest.  The Party recovers the Mace of Terror from Wongo’s Tomb and Wongo’s spirit inhabits Veit.  Toffee is attacked my a mimic.

Tomb of Annihilation – Session #6

The Party begins their assault on the Fane of the Night Serpent.  At the entrance they find a large group of yuan-ti led by a Nightmare Speaker of Dendar named Fenthaza.  She tells the party the Fane is ruled by Ras Nsi.  She feels that he is not working hard enough to free Dendar and offers the Party free passage if they promise to kill Ras Nsi.

After sneaking around the Fane for a while the Party discovers Ras Nsi’s throne room.  After a long fight and surviving many Fireballs the Party finally defeats Ras Nsi and recovers the 9th and final puzzle cube!

Tomb of Annihilation – Session #5

After killing the Lord of Feathers the party is free to explore the northern part of Omu.  They quickly recover Wongos‘ Puzzle Cube.  Next they spend way too much time with the puzzle in Papazotl‘s shrine but finally succeed (with hints).

They sneak into the Red Wizards camp and find ambush waiting.  One of the Red Wizards suggests Naghini kill Veit the party’s cleric and Naghini complies.  However, the remaining Red Wizards are no match for a sneaky Rogue and a raging Barbarian.  The party recovers Nangnang‘s cube along with all the supplies from the Thayan camp.  They now have 8 of the 9 Puzzle Cubes.

Tomb of Annihilation – Session #4

The adventures discover that they are not the only group trying to recover the Puzzle Cubes from the shrines of the Nine Gods.  They find two shrines already looted.  The shrines of I’Jin and Nangnang.  They are approached by a Red Wizard who tells them that the Yuan-ti have recovered one of the cubes.  The wizard suggests that the two groups join forces and wants the party to enter the yuan-ti stronghold and recover the cube.  The party’s answer?  They kill the Red Wizard.

Later while talking with a small nature spirit the party is ambushed by the King of Feathers!  After a terrible fight the King falls.

Tomb of Annihilation – Session #3

This time the party was able to recover 3 of the mysterious puzzle cubes. Moa the jaculi, Unkh the flail snail and Obo’laka the zorbo.  In addition they met an old tabaxi hunter call Bag of Nails.  At first Bag of Nails tried to kill the party but surrendered and invited them back to his camp for stew.  The party happily shared information with Bag of Nails while he fed them poisoned stew.  Ravenscar died.