The Forge of Fury – Session #5


The Forge of Fury – Session #4

Tonight the adventurers track down the source of that incessant hammering.  Surprise! more duergar minding their own business.  So the Party kills them.  Dorian thinks it would be fun to destroy the weapons the duergar are working on.  The Party decided that all the killing has made them sleepy and so sets up camp in a small storeroom.  In the middle of the night they are attacked by the duergar leader, Nimira, and her gentleman friend.  Hilarity ensues as the enlarged dwarf squeezes into the small room and tries to hack the party to bits with her giant greatsword.

After a full rest and recovery the Party begins to explore the northern part of the old dwarven complex.  This section has a spooky feeling of gloom and dread.  The first thing they find is a large room full of dwarf and orc corpses, dry and desiccated from a battle over 100 years ago.  While searching pockets for loose change the Party is attacked by Arundil, the forlorn ghost of a dwarf that abandon his brethren all those years ago.  The ghost was so terrifying that two members of the party aged 30 years on the spot!  But they were stupid elves that did not care about such a short of amount of time.

Next they entered a library and found Idalla, a defenseless woman who had been kidnapped by an evil wizard.  Dorian totally believed her (read: charmed) and tried to convince the rest of the Party to help her escape.  When the Party got mean Dorian tried to hold them off with his mighty strength.  Idalla kissed Bronson and sucked out over half his life, as sexy demon women do.  After examining Bronson, Lore declared it was his own damn fault for fraternizing with strange women in deep dark dungeons in the first place.  Then more resting.

The Sunless Citadel – Session #2

The Party continues to attack the goblin community.   The goblin warriors attack the Party while the goblin women and children flee.  After killing all the goblins that stood their ground the Party starts to go through their pockets for loose change.  They are surprised from an attack by the goblin’s leader, a hobgoblin named Durbuluk and his friends.  After dispatching these foes the Party makes peace with Grenl, the goblin tribe’s shaman.  She tells the Party that all the goblins hated Durbuluk because he was a real jerk.  She agrees that if the Party does not kill anymore goblins that the goblins will leave the Party alone.

Grenl also tells the Party that the magic apple come from someone named Belak who lives down the mysterious shaft they discovered in Durbuluk’s room.  Each year he gives one to the goblins and tells them to take it to Oakhurst.  Its the goblin’s idea to charge for the apple.  Grenl also tells the Party where they can find Calcryx, the white dragon.  She tell them that it was captured by the mighty hunter Balsag.  Meepo insists the Party help him re-capture the dragon.


The Sunless Citadel – Session #1

The Players are a bunch of youths from the town of Oakhurst.  For the last 10+ years each summer, after the summer solstice, a group of goblins have come to town selling a magical apple.  Whoever eats the apple is healed of all diseases and/or ailments.  Now people save money all year hoping to be the high bidder for the apple.  Each year the townspeople plant the seeds from the apple hoping to grow their own tree and each year someone/something steals the growing saplings.

Over the past few years there have been rumors of strange livestock attacks.  Farmers have found animals killed with small holes over their bodies.  Almost as if they were attack with needles or rapiers over and over again.  Many of the farms to the West of Oakhurst have become abandoned.

Around 3 months ago an aging paladin named Sir Braford came to town with a ranger companion named Karakas.  Sir Braford was looking to recruit a group of adventurers to accompany him to the old ruins West of town called The Sunless Citadel.  After a series of tryouts Sir Braford does not pick any of the Players.  However, he does pick Talgen Hucrele (a fighter) and Sharwyn Hucrele (a wizard) his sister.  They are the children of the wealthy and important Hucrele merchant family.  This group set off down the Old Road about 2 months ago to The Citadel.

Today, the characters are approached by Kerowyn Hucrele, matriarch of the family.  She has not heard anything from her children and asks if the characters can go find them and bring them back.  She offers a cash reward if they can bring her children back or information on what happened to them.