White Plume Mountain – Session #2

Tonight the party explores the central passage.  Dorian and Bronson are enchanted by some attractive piles of seaweed.  The puritan cleric Lore, who believes all earthly pleasures to be sins, parts the waters and rescues the two from the sexy peril.

Next the Party rolls around in an oiled up cylinder.  Again Lore does not approve.

In the end they fight a giant crab.  No one is lucky enough to pierce the fragile dome holding back the boiling lake and they recover Wave.

White Plume Mountain – Session #1

A strange crime has happened in Waterdeep.  During all the confusion of preparations for the Dwarf Kings visit three legendary weapons were stolen from the vaults of their owners.

Wave: a trident of the sea Gods

Whelm: a warhammer of the Dwarves

Blackrazor: a greatsword that shines like a piece of night sky filled with stars

The owners have offered a reward to whoever can return them.  I note left by the thief(s) suggest they have been taken to White Plume Mountain.  Liar of the wizard Keraptis, who disappeared from memory thirteen hundred years ago.


Dungeon of the Mad Mage – Session #12

The Party travels up the River Sargauth and find three Hag sisters.  The sisters tell them the dark-elves have been invading the dungeon and are trying to take over Skullport.  The Party now decides the dark-elves are their enemies.  They travel back in the direction of the drow.

In a cave with howling winds from the abyss, they find a giant half-drow half-spider.  Next a guard-post and some torture/recreation area.

In a prison area the rescue Geldax Breer, a lamplighter from Waterdeep, Lurrash, a hobgoblin loyal to Warlord Azrok and Marta Moonshadow, a kidnapped Sun-Elf.

Finally they discover an ancient dwarven temple of Dumathoin.  It has been taken over by the drow and is now a vile hatchery for giant spiders.  T’rissa Auvryndar has turned this into a temple to Lolth.  As the Party attacks they are betrayed by Marta Moonshadow who wants to join the drow society.

Dungeon of the Mad Mage – Session #11

Tonight the Party went fully in with the drow and killed Warlord Azrok and his troops.

They met Ulquess, the ambassador of Xanathar.  They made peace with him and let him go for some information.

They also met Preeta Kreepa, an old witch-woman who looked like a cross between a human and a beholder.

After traveling through long natural caves the Party finds Skullport.  In the city they buy some poison and anti-toxin.  Eat at The Worm’s Gullet.  Explore an abandon drow stronghold and find a Harper safe-house run by a dragonborn wizard named Felrax.

Dungeon of the Mad Mage – Session #10

This was the night of the big snow storm.

Tonight the Party kills a drow and the drow’s pet chimera.  Then the decide they want to befriend the drow.  After a meeting with Ranaghx, older brother of T’rissa Auvryndar, the Party learns the drow are fighting with a goblinoid stronghold on this level.  Ranaghx says he will allow them to kill Azrok, the goblinoid warlord, as a favor to them.

In the no-man’s land between the goblins and the drow the Party finds an enchanted vault door that can only be opened by a dwarf.  Dorian destroys the door with Shatterspike.  Inside they find a dwarven art studio.  Hidden the the studio they find the Throne of the Coronal.  An elven historical artifact the disapeared over 2,500 years ago when Illefarn, an elven kingdom far to the North, fell.  Not deciding how to proceed the Party re-hid the throne and moved on.

Next the Party ran into 2 goblinoid guardposts and killed every guard they encountered.

Tucked away in an abbondon cave the Party finds the zombie of Nerozad the Defeated.  A beholder killed and branded with the symbol of Xanathar.